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Nov 25, 2009 01:40 PM

Restaurant Recommendations for My Mom's Funeral Reception Needed

My 92 1/2 year old mom, who fell and hit her head, died after 2 weeks at UCLA hospital in the ICU last Thursday night and we were just able to get the date of the funeral scheduled today, next Thursday, December 3. A tough time for my family and especially for me since she was living with me. I miss her so much.

She's going to be buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City (near the former Fox Hills mall). I'm asking for recommendations for a group of about 25-30 or so for a restaurant after the burial (about 1-2 pm). Keeping costs down is a concern after just laying out nearly $8000 for the funeral but I am looking for a place with good food and a nice atmosphere for family and friends to share memories of her (maybe a private room?). She was quite unpretentious and liked Mexican, American and Italian food so likely those would our choices. Probably somewhere on the Westside from El Segundo north to Westwood and Culver City west to the Marina.

I've never had to plan something like this before so any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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  1. My sincere condolences to you...

    1. i am so, so, sorry for your loss.

      1. I can't help you out but wanted to offer my condolences. What a loss.

        1. since i'm not a fan of 'american' food, i can't talk to the food issue, but you might see if Dear John's on culver blvd near sepulveda would close the restaurant for you for a couple of hours in the afternoon and structure a menu for your group.
          they have their own private parking lot.
          the room is fine.

          i see folks eating there all the time.
          here is the link:

          1. I am sorry for your loss and offer my condolences as well.

            I am not that familiar with the area and just looked on google maps for possible places within the area.

            I know these are chains but in the Howard Hughes Center there is a Callendar's Grill and in the Westfield Mall area there is a BJ's restaurant. Both are reasonably priced and would keep costs down. Haven't been to either particular location but wanted to be of some help.

            Callendar's Grill - 310.417.9980
            BJ's - 310.574.5170

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              Sadly, the Westfield mall isn't the classiest of places. I hate to say it because I know they just spent a ton of money to do a remodel and make over the place... but, I definitely wouldn't go there for any kind of special occasion.

              1. re: Azizeh

                i completely agree with azizeh on this.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  I'll third this. No way I would stage an event like this at the Westfield at Howard Hughes Center. Yikes!