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Nov 25, 2009 01:09 PM

Creolina's Dixie Takeout in Davie--- Is it worth a visit?

I thought I might try it and then hop on 595 to the airport on my way home, how is the food? I saw a nice report from John Linn, what do other local 'hounds think of the place?

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  1. ........... No, it is not worth a visit . Not very good for jambalaya and etouffee would be another correct answer. The corn bread was drier then dust and who doesn't like their bread pudding nuked so that it scorches your taste buds and covered in a sauce that looked like spit. That however would be one way to eliminate the taste of the aforementioned "specialties" as the menu describes them. The jambalaya and etoufee came as a combination platter with red beans and rice. I am hardly an expert in this cuisine but two lumps of matted white rice each with an identical large gloppy mass of light brown sludge, one with some rotten crawfish and the other with lumps of white meat chicken and tasteless sausage is just not right. Atmosphere? A dump, but appropriate as the guy behind me kept talking about how he just got out of jail and how miserable it had been being locked up. Parking was easy. This place may have been great back in the day, in Ft. Lauderdale, as for now I'll stick with the Georgia Pig on my way to the airport.One of the best chopped pork sandwiches I know of and nice owners and staff.

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      I used to live nearby. I'm not an expert on Creol food, but I didn't enjoy my take out food.

    2. Im sorry Stuart had such a low opinion of the place. I have had very good flavors from there. Their cajun popcorn are delicious and not oily, Their shrimp and grits make me melt at the thought. I agree the cornbread is on the dry side The Chowder was thick creamy and loaded with crawfish meat. Thats been my experience,