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Nov 25, 2009 12:33 PM

Lunch at Nhu Y today :)

We had a very nice lunch at Nhu Y today. We were fans years ago of Le Papaya Verte, but it changed hands a few times, and declined until it went out of business. We were happy to find Nhu Y last year and we're glad to report that the food is still fine. We arrived at about 12:30 to find the restaurant absolutely packed, not a table to be had. We returned about 15 minutes later. My wife had the dumplings in peanut sauce and I the shrimp with sweet potatoes for starters. Jan went on to the chicken with basil and I had one of the lunch specials, shrimp and chicken with vermicelli. We thoroughly enjoyed everything. If you're looking for something other than Pho, give this restaurant a try :)

Restaurant Nhu Y
134 Rue Jean-Talon W, Montreal, QC H2R2X1, CA

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it - every time we've been we've liked it very much. Even the "less authentic" lunch specials are very good.

    It is still economical, and a byow. Between Castelnau and du Parc m├ętro stations.