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Nov 25, 2009 12:06 PM

New Longos on Bloor

There has been a Longo's "Opening Soon" sign up at Bloor and Church (beside the Marriott) for what seems like 6 months now. Wondering what "soon" means? It would be nice to take the Longo way home at some point...

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  1. probably tied up in by-law issues.. longo's is my fave super market to go to

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    1. re: simonj

      nope, just a small crew working on re-doing the former bed and bath store. i go by it everyday and see them working

    2. January 2010, according to their head office. Yay!

      1. ...went by today and they are peeling the stickers off the windows. So you can now see inside!!! Still a bit of work to do. But, it's progress. I called head office and they said that January 15th is their goal.

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        1. re: Eatertainer

          they are holding their staff recruitment drive this saturday and sunday. the 15th may be a bit tight considering they must interview, hire and train. also, speaking with the contractors, they hit a snag with the water metering system and anticipate a delay. i am expecting to make my first purchase nearer the end of the month....but it will be great to have it so close to work and the subway for me!

          1. re: ingloriouseater

            I just read that the Longos on Bloor might be delayed a little longer...
            In addition to the water meter delays, there are now delays with what they can sell at that location. Apparently the foodcourt below what will be the Longo's is upset that Longo's will be selling prepared foods. So, they have complained to the management company. It's now looking like March at the earliest??

            1. re: Eatertainer

              That's frustrating news especially since they were featuring the much of the prepared food as a highlight on the posters outside. I live just a couple of blocks south of there so very excited to have something decent in the area and can show on walk home from subway.

              Right now the closest viable option is Value Mart. The No Frills is disgusting and the Sobey's on Yonge is a mismanaged train wreck. Longo's is more than welcome.

              1. re: abigllama

                I am so disappointed to hear this. I too live near the new Longo's , and I've been looking forward to picking something up on the way home from work on those I-just-can't-face-cooking days.

                It's hard to believe that the management (of both the building and Longo's) didn't resolve any competition issues vis-a-vis the food court before the lease was signed.

                1. re: waydowntown

                  these things always seem to find a way of resolving themselves in a positive manner....I am sure we'll be enjoying our prepared foods in no time...Longo's wouldn't get into this much work/money and then not be allowed to sell their main money makers...

              2. re: Eatertainer

                I have no idea where you got your information, but as someone who has worked in retail leasing for many years, this is ridiculous. Any retail lease specifically lists both what a retailer IS allowed to sell and what a retailer is NOT allowed to sell, based on other tenants in the building, area, etc. There is no way that a landlord would have the legal right to delay a tenant from opening if the tenant was adhering to the terms of their lease. I am sure that the delay is either construction related or a City issue - I know for sure that Longo's needed a zoning amendment for this site (there was a notice posted in the window).

                I am also very excited about Longo's opening in this location - I work and live nearby and it will be great to have an alternative to both the food courts and to the Valu-Mart in Manulife.

                1. re: Eatertainer

                  The food court below is really tired and, with the exception of Le Gourmand, I wouldn't miss any of the vendors if they were to suddenly disappear. Longos will be a great addition to the hood.

            2. Sign outside says that they are opening tomorrow - Wednesday, March 3.

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              1. re: CarNut

                Longo's Market on Bloor opened today. It was packed with customers when I arrived at 2 p.m. The store has a good deli section, in my opinion. Starbucks kiosk, in-house, which means there are now three Starbucks on that block. They are giving away a free reusable shopping bag (reg. 0.99) with purchase. Open 6 a.m.- 9 p.m. M-F, 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 100 Bloor St. E. corner of Park Rd.

                1. re: rickster

                  At last. Thanks for letting us know. I have been to the Longo's near the Art Gallery & it is suberb - but way too small.

                  1. re: LidaK

                    And the two spaces for cooked food and produce is so awkward at that Longo's on Dundas. You have to skirt around the check-out and squeeze past all the people in line. Dunno if they've corrected that, but it's a bit silly.

              2. The new longos has been open for a little while now, and I've been twice. One to find dinner type prepared foods, and once to buy general grocery and deli stuff.

                I don't think I'll be back. The prices seem to be much higher than they should be, for the same quality products that you can get just a block down the road at valumart, or rabba, or a number of other options.

                The selection is weird, the prepared foods aren't that great, and I've gotten attitude from the staff.

                I'd much rather walk a few blocks to pusateri to get prepared food that is 100% better in terms of quality, at basically the same price.

                Is the pricing the same as other longos?