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Nov 25, 2009 12:05 PM

Help! How to mold butter?

Big crowd at the table. No room for bread plates and if I could eliminate or downsize butter serving we might all fit.

I've got a small wooden mold and I thought I'd impress pats of butter so I could just have one on each dinner plate and a small bowl of them to pass. But I'm having problems molding the butter. The first couple were fine but now the butter just sticks to the wood and by the time it's pried off there's no pattern visible.

Anyone know what the knack of this thing is?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. i'm assuming you are using softend butter, but to me it sounds like the mold is warming up due to contact with your hands. try putting the mold in your freezer for at least and hour and wear insulated gloves when you press the butter or wrap the mold a couple of times with a towel. that should help you knock out a few more pats.

    1. put some plastic wrap in between the butter and mold then use the plastic wrap as a sling to remove it

      1. Yes, your would is probably warming up, cooling it down would be good. Have you tried wetting the mold between each use

        1. sounds like the butter is not cold enough to hold the shape...

          1. Thanks, guys. I did it.

            I used cold butter and I switched from a soft European butter to a harder American one. I put the mold in crushed ice and water between each pat. And I sprinkled a couple drops of water on the face of the pat before I impressed it.