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Nov 25, 2009 11:46 AM

The Simple Things that cost $5 or less with / without coupon for quick fixes. What's yours?

Costco Polish with Kraut and a Refill drink
Subway sandwich with coupon
Wendy's Frostie
Rally's Big Buford, fries and drink with coupon
Taco Bell 99 cent menu
Jack In The Box $1 menu
Weinerschintzel xhili burger, chili dog, chili fries with coupon

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  1. In n Out double double protein style.

    1. Burger King Double Cheeseburger .99
      McDonald's Double Cheeseburger $1.39
      Sonic Footlong Extra Long Chili Cheese Coney - under $3.00 + happy hour drink

      1. Some of my favs in this category:

        * Banh Mi Cho Cu - Xiu Mai Banh Mi Sandwich (when it's just made fresh and hot, at $2.25 it's absurdly delicious! :)

        * Torihei - Delicious, fresh-made Yakitori Skewers (@ $1.80 - $2.50 per skewer). Of course I can't eat just 2 skewers (to keep it under $5 :)

        * Sam Woo - Pi Dahn So Rou Zho (Jook / Congeee) ($4.50 for a heaping bowl of soul-warming Congee). :)

        * Metros Balderas - Any of the 8 different styles of Carnitas Tacos (love the Costilla, Cuerito, Orejas the most) at $1.99 for delicious and HUGE fresh-made Tacos (2 of these are more than enough).

        * La Flor de Yucatan - Tamales (Colados style) - delicate, Chicken & Pork Tamales, Yucatecan style at $2 a piece.

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        1. re: exilekiss

          Wendy's spicy chicken wrap, guilty pleasure!

          1. re: jan

            Second this one, with extra sauce thank you!

            Their small chili is pretty good too if you add a packet of hot sauce to it.

        2. Tijuana Flats cookie dough flauta. So very, very wrong; so very very tasty.

          1. Two Burger King Whopper Jr @ 1.00 ea
            +One BK double cheeseburger @ 99c
            = Two Big macs - 1000 island dressing + tomatoes for 3.00

            Potbelly oatmeal choc chip cookie for around 1.00 OMG!!!!!!