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Nov 25, 2009 11:16 AM

David Adjey - sp? new location in Ajax

Heard he opened a new restaurant in Ajax, does anyone have any information about the retsaurant, menu etc.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken I believe he only helped the owners revamp their current menu. I think I read something about this in The Star recently but honestly the facts escape.

    1. i believe he is working on a new show for Food Network. So, it might have something to do with him fixing up a restaurant in an Ajax strip mall?

      Here is the info from the Toronto Star

      Celebrity chef David Adjey has helped remake Havana Nights in Ajax into South Authentic Latin Restaurant, 85 Kingston Rd. E.

      Adjey created such dishes as red chile-fried shrimp with melon salsa and saffron aioli ($12.50) and adobo braised lamb shank with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes ($20). The underground tapas bar is his idea, too, with cooking demonstrations and a menu that showcases "new and cutting-edge cooking techniques," says manager Drew Nielsen.

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      1. re: Eatertainer

        Coincedently we just returned from a Cancun vacation and David Adjey and crew were on the same flight down as us. I know that they were filming while there simply because he's entourage took up most of the overhead bins with their camera equipment.

        It was quite funny actually. He kept his sunglasses on for the entire flight, which I might add was in the evening.

        1. re: millygirl

          The last time I saw him in person was at The Tulip, 8:30 am. And yes, wearing sunglasses throughout. I guess the glare off his sunnyside-up eggs was too much for him.

      2. I drove by the place yesterday at 7 PM and it was closed. The opening with Adjey signs were still up, though outdated. No indication that Adjey would stay. Maybe no one else stayed.
        I'll have to take another look tomorrow night, as I will be in the area.

        1. found this on a site called foodiebuddha:

          Are you opening your very first restaurant but you lack any real restaurant experience? Would you welcome the advice of a restaurant consultant?

          If this is you, we want you to be featured in an episode of a new exciting TV series for a major food network called Restaurant 101.

          In every episode of this captivating and very real one-hour series, restaurant coach David Adjey provides first-time restaurant owners with the tools to open and run a successful business.

          We are looking for compelling characters with good personal stories and high stakes. Must be opening a restaurant within the next couple months. Must also be willing to share every aspect of your business with David on camera– your business plan, your budget, your menu, etc…

          he isn't the most handsome, i imagine the constant use of sunglasses is for our benefit...