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Nov 25, 2009 09:53 AM


Hi All,
Does anyone know where I could find already prepared "southern style grits" in Toronto to use as a side dish?

Thanks in advance for your help :)

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  1. I'm not quite sure what you mean by already prepared, but if you mean ready to serve, I would be surprised if you could find that here. I haven't been able to find any kind of grits (instant, quick, stone ground, or gourmet) for sale anywhere in the GTA. BUT if you can find them, they are very easy to make. My mom sends me grits (good quality stone ground for shrimp and grits and other specialty recipes and quick grits for regular ole breakfast grits) in the mail from South Carolina.

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      I have seen regular grits at Highland farms.
      Also, although it has been a while since I shopped there Walmart carried them when they opened their Grocery Department.

      1. re: erly

        Thanks for your replies. It's actually my aunt's request so I sent her back the info and will let you know what she says!

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          I have heard the Highland Farms has them, but I have looked at the one on Matheson and have yet to find them. Thanks for the tip though. I will stop by again for a look.

          1. re: South Carolina Girl

            call the Ellesmere Kennedy location
            416 298 1999
            This is where I saw them recently

      2. Good luck.

        Like SC Girl, I import mine myself.


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          If you can find the Jim Dandy brand, stock up. They have a superior flavor, however I've only been able to buy them in the deep south.

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            I have some of those but usually use stone ground. There's superior flavour for ya.


        2. In a pinch you could use already prepared polenta (not quite the same texture but it's the closest you'll find here). Then referring to the other posts, next time you're south of the border, pick some up at any supermarket. One bag will last you a long time. Wife is from the southern U.S. so she imports it.

          1. Thanks all - she ended up finding at Highland farms as per your suggestions!

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              Which Highland Farms?...I'm headed home for Christmas and so will be getting Anson Mills, but it is nice to have a local supplier.