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Nov 25, 2009 09:39 AM

Help! Husband bought Sweet Potatoes instead of Yams

Hi all,

I was planning on making a traditional "sweet potato" casserole (yams, technically, I guess) for a crowd tomorrow - but my husband picked up REAL sweet potatoes instead. Now I have a pile of those yellow, waxy things and I've never cooked with them before. Any tips? How can I substitute and still make a sweet side dish?


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  1. There are so many varieties of sweet potato and yam that it gets confusing. Most of the time, they are interchangeable. Just use the sweet potatoes in your casserole as is.

    1. I've never ever had any reason to choose one over the other! Use them like PBSF said, they'll be fine. Happy Thanksgiving to your crowd.. !

      1. I am under the impression that "yam" is a marketing misnomer. It refers to "garnet" sweet potatoes, and other dark colored ones perhaps. A real "yam" is somethng altogether different, and I don't believe "they" are allowed to call sweet potatoes "yams" anymore.

        1. Yams are huge and are seldom sold in grocery stores, her husband apparently didn't pick up sweet potatoes but instead picked up another variety of potato, which may not work for the sweetness she is looking for

          1. You rarely find real "yams" in the US; in fact, they are HUGE and you probably wouldn't recognize them unless you already used them before...sweet potatoes come in different shades of color. You probably have sweet potatoes; you can use them but if you're worried about whether they are sweet enough, you can wrap one in plastic wrap, poke a few holes to allow steam to escape, then microwave it for about 6-8 minutes then taste it. If it's not sweet enough, increase the sugar (or other sweetener) in your dish.