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Nov 25, 2009 09:38 AM

Anyone have a good recipe for pearl onions?

I have a bag of mixed red, white, and yellow pearl onions.

I was thinking maybe something along the lines of an au gratin (creamy and cheesy) or maybe roasting them with bacon and red wine.....

Any ideas are much appreciated.

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  1. Pearl onions are great for making an onion marmalade. The sweet marmalade can be served as a relish with any poultry and it's delicious.

    1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
    2 cups thinly sliced pearl onions
    1/2 cup water
    3 table spoons dried cranberries or golden raisins
    1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds
    1/2 cup white wine vinegar.

    In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, heat olive oil. Add onions and sauté until translucent but not browned (5-8min). Add water, sugar, cranberries or raisins and mustard seed and cook until all moisture is absorbed. Add vinegar, reduce heat and simmer until marmalade thickens.

    Good luck.

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      Looks yummy, but you didn't say how much sugar to use.

    2. Imade these last year and I'm planning to make them tonight for tomorrow.

      1. Saveur had a recipe that I thought looked good. Curried Creamed Onions.

        Thanks for reminding me about it!

        1. I do a version called Golden Creamed Onions. I don't have the recipe here at the office but you parboil the onions, peel them and brown them in butter and a little oil, then finish with a pint of heavy cream. The cream turns golden, hence the name and they are delicious.

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          1. re: TomSwift

            Is it better to use frozen pearl onions or fresh? I'm not really that familiar with the processes involved.

            1. re: Azizeh

              I usually use what are called boiling onions because I prefer the onions larger than the "pearl" onions that I can find. I've made the recipe with frozen pearls but prefer fresh and I think that the extra time involved is worth it.

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                Thanks! I'll have a lookout when I go to the store later.

          2. I do a terribly boring, but traditional, creamed onion dish for Thanksgiving. The onions [close to 5lbs] are steamed for 30 minutes or until they are beginning to get tender. When done, I spread them onto a sheet pan and one by one, I snip the tail end and "pop" out the onion whole.

            I then make a bechamel sauce with some dried mustard and kosher salt. My Mother always added nutmeg and cloves; I prefer to add a bay leaf.

            Since I make these two components on Wednesday, I store them in the fridge in separate containers. An hour and a half before serving dinner, I combine the onions and sauce into a double boiler and gently reheat.