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Nov 25, 2009 09:17 AM

Turducken cooking instructions?

Skipped the turkey and moved on to a turducken this year (14-16 lbs)

I'm confused about how to cook it though.

One set of instructions says to roast it at 225F for about 9hrs until the internal temp is 165F.

Another set says 375F covered for 4hours then uincovered for 1 hr

For a similar sized turkey, Alton Brown says 500F for 30 mins, then 350F for 2-2.5 hours

I'm worried that the low and slow method will dry the meat out, besides taking forever to cook. I usually trust AB, but not sure on this one.

I would like the finished turducken to be moist, with a crispy brown skin (isn't that what we all want :) )

Any suggestions??

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  1. I don't think you can compare a turducken to a turkey when trying to calculate cooking times/tempertures. Unlkke the turkey, the turducken in a solid mass of meat. I'd follow the instructions that came with the product.

    1. According to the store we get ours from you can do Turducken both ways, but we've always had success going low and slow. 200°F has always yielded moist & delicious results. Just be sure you have a good thermometer and set the turducken on a rack or eventually you'll have enough accumulated drippings you'll be deep frying about the bottom third of the bird.

      Instructions we've always followed

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        Thanks for the responses. I decided to go with the shorter cooking time because of the time at hand... maybe next time I'll try the low and slow method.

        Happy T-day!!

        1. re: caliking

          Did the shorter time work OK? We have a 10-lb. one in the freezer (saving it for Christmas), and the instructions that came with it were, 375F covered for 3 hrs then uncovered for 1 hr.