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Best mail order cookies!

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Hi Everyone:

My daughter and husband both love cookies and since I'm missing Thanksgiving with them due to illness, I wanted to send them some cookies via mail (they live in Brooklyn, NY). Can anyone recommend the very BEST cookies to order via mail? Thank you for your input and best wishes to all for a nice Thanksgiving.

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  1. The best mail order cookies I have ever had were from Carol's Cookies. http://www.carolscookies.com/ Each cookie weighs 1/2 a pound! They are fabulous.

        1. We received a sampler pack of cookies from Levain Bakery (http://www.levainbakery.com/cookies/c...) in Manhattan a few Christmases ago and they were very good. I especially liked the chocolate chip. Be forwarned that the cookies are large....each cookie is a whopping 6 ounces.

          1. http://www.amainyc.com/

            Tea Sweets & Botanical Brownies will win any cookie lover over!

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              Unfortunately, Amai NYC closed in 09. The economy took another wonderful young business woman.

            2. Fralinger's Almond Macaroons from the Atlantic City boardwalk. They are big, moist, and very almondy. If you are used to dry amaretti from a tin, Fralinger's macaroons will be a revelation.

              1. Try The Cookie Cousins, they are our family favorite! They are amazing!

                1. www.marnees.com are great for gifts. my customers always comment on them... but you need to order well in advance if ordering for holidays.