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Breakfast near the Calgary airport

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I'm wondering if there are any good breakfast spots near the airport to go to before dropping my brother off tomorrow morning? Any idea's?

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  1. We stop by Cora's in Northland. Of course, that wouldn't work if you were coming from another direction.

    I know some people don't like Cora's but I like the fruit and they really do have variety. There has never been a line-up on a weekday morning.

    Near the airport .... Perkins? Maybe the hotels.

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      Speaking of places off Barlow - White Spot, and Ricky's come to mind - there's also the restaurant at Coast Plaza, I've only been for Brunch though.

    2. Moxies on Barlow and McNight has a very good breakfast.......Id take that over Perkins or White Spot any day. Very good hash!!

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        I didn't even know Moxies was open for breakfast. Thanks RodVito