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Thanksgiving Day breakfast?

The turkey meal gets all the attention, but does *anyone* have any traditions for Thanksgiving Day breakfast?

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  1. Sleep, I need the energy for the feast of Turkey and Pumpkin Pie later. Oh yea, then come home to a good a movie to let it all digest, some sleep, then maybe some shopping after.

    1. I make homemade cinnamon rolls for Thanksgiving if I have overnight guests or if I'm going to someone else's house for Bfast. If I'm alone, it may or may not be toast or a bowl of cereal...don't want to spoil my dinner!

      1. We always have a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast. It sets the tone for the day and then we don't have to try to cram it in at the end of a big meal when we're already full later on.

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          Ditto. Pumpkin pie or bread with coffee

        2. True story--my husband likes to get a couple of sliders from White Castle when he goes there to pick up the burgers (hold the pickles!) he uses for his famous White Castle stuffing.

          If it's open, I like to go to the Vietnamese Bakery down the street from W.C. for a croissant+Vietnamese coffee and, if the Thanksgiving meal is scheduled for mid-afternoon, a banh mi sandwich (to save for lunch).

          Otherwise, just a poached egg and dry toast and coffee.


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            If I still lived in NY, I'd go to White Castle to get a couple also but not for the stuffing although I'll bet that it's delicious in that too! White Castle is my absolute favorite burger; now look what you've done :-(

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              Oh, I'm so sorry! Do they at least carry them, frozen, in the the grocery stores where you are?

              The W.C. stuffing is actually pretty good. (I was skeptical my first time...) It's a little on the soggy side, but it tastes great!

              Happy Thanksgiving!


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                Yes, they have frozen at the grocer's and it's nothing but a tease...nothing like straight from the griddle...

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                  True, although, I'd bet they'd work for the turkey stuffing! (You'd have to pick off the pickles).



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                    You're probably right, I'm going to have to experiment with that idea!

          2. Turkey giblets and scrambled eggs, with toast. Delicious!

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            1. Usually it's warm cornbread with jam and coffee, but I made the cornbread the day before, so I'm probably having creamed chipped beef over cornbread because I made way too much cornbread for the filling. Haven't made the sos in awhile and some recipes say to saute the beef lightly first, but some say to just break the pieces into the hot creamy gravy and stir. Any ideas on which way is better? I used to saute but just tossing sounds appealing for a big cooking day.

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                Oops, by now I'm sure you've already decided, but I never saute the beef, just slice it up and into the white sauce. I love SOS!

                I'm glad someone else is hungry before the big feast. I made a breakfast scramble of some of the Jimmy Dean for my stuffing, with some chopped up bell pepper, eggs and Cabot Seriously Sharp, all scrambled softly together. Now I can wait till the afternoon to eat! :)

              2. ... not a tradition, but I'm eating pastina and drinking ginger ale to try to quell what seems to be a mild stomach bug... nothing will keep me from eating later though! I've been waiting for this meal for a whole year!

                1. I had leftover French toast casserole from yesterday morning. The kids are having cereal and Les had a peanut butter sandwich.

                  When we do Thanksgiving at home, we eat later in the afternoon so I usually make a breakfast casserole. Since we're going to family's, we will be eating earlier today.

                  1. Bloody Marys. at least 3 of them.

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                      i had a couple sierra nevada celebration ales, some cheese, pickles and olives from the platters i was making around 11 to tide me over til 4:00 which was dinner time. It provided me with the necessary fuel to power through my bazillion dishes i was making....

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                        Ohhh ... good answer, good answer.Picking on what you are putting together.

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                          of course! :-) i don't have time to make extra stuff! haha

                    2. A bowl of chili leftover from last night...yum!

                      1. I had pecan pie for Tday breakfast lol I made those pies, I earned it!

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                          I second that emotion. ;) I didn't even bake the pie, but I had my mom's apple for breakfast this a.m. Breakfast of champions!!!

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                            i like your style, spell and kattyeyes, i like your style...

                        2. This is my family's traditional holiday breakfast. It's especially great for Christmas because you can put it together the night before, pour over the egg mixture in the AM, stick it in the oven, and go open presents. My mom discovered it and both of my sisters-in-law love it. Jones bulk pork sausage works really well with this recipe. reheated leftovers are delicious.


                          1. Before I continued cooking T-Day morning (had begun baking and prep the night before), I went surfing and running. By the time I got back, breakfast was ne'er a thought, as I plowed forward into major cooking mode... It was only once I'd thrown the chickens in the oven at 2 that I realized that I hadn't yet eaten, and was now *starving.*

                            1. I always made bubble and squeak or turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce in a pan together, saute and gobble up! It would depend on how many leftovers there were and if there were tons of potatoes, then bubble and squeak for breakfast and the 'everything in a pan' for lunch.