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Nov 25, 2009 07:43 AM

Cheap Thanksgiving dinner place around Boston?

This is our first Thanksgiving here in Boston and given we just moved here with two young kids, thought we could just do an easy, cheap diner-like place for Thanksgiving dinner. Any ideas around the Boston/Brookline area?

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  1. Most diner like places in Brookline are closed but there is a free dinner at the United Parish Church in Coolidge Corner. It's not just for the less fortunate but also for singles and newcomers.

    1. Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square. They usually offer a large plate with squash, turkey, gravy, mashed, apple dumpling for a very reasonable price. We take our young son there sometimes. If the kids don't want turkey, as ours doesn't, there is grilled cheese, fries, burgers. informal diner-like atmosphere during the day, dive bar at night, but you will feel comfortable there with the kids. One of the oldest and most authentic spots in Harvard Square. And on T-day you should even be able to park!

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        slightly more than cheap but not bad is McCormack and Schmick, around 25,00 for a three course thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings.

      2. Get in the car and drive up to Salem MA and go to Tavern on the Square. They are giving away turkey dinners all day for free. That's right people, free turkey dinners all day!

        1. I saw an ad in The Phoenix today, that Durgin Park restaurant in Faneuil Market is having Thanksgiving dinner. They don't state the price, nor is it featured on their website.

          Durgin Park
          340 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA 02109