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Nov 25, 2009 06:53 AM

Maybe moving to Sunnyside, seeking general info

For convenience sake for my GF, it looks like in a few months we will be moving from Brookyln Heights up to Queens. Because she will be doing a masters program at Queens College and I work right off Bryant Park, I've been told Sunnyside would be a safe, convenient neighborhood to live in.

I suppose my general concerns are what the supermarket scene is like - are there good natural\organic options? Is there a good fish market? From what I've briefly read there seems to be a ton of diversity in terms of there a general area that would be better to live in for easier walking distance?

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  1. You really should visit the neighborhood and walk around and see for yourself. Lots and lots of diversity in restaurants, you'll see if you search CH for Sunnyside and Woodside. Natural/organic supermarkets -- no. There is one health food store (or is the other still kicking?) but it's small. There are fish markets but nothing exceptional. I usually buy fish at the greenmarket or at Grand Central. Things are not on a bright and shiny Whole Foods scale in Sunnyside (which I like!) There is a 24-hour supermarket, two good meat markets, and many small food shops.

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      everything is within walking distance when you live within the "main" area of sunnyside. i'd consider the main areas to be off of the 40th and 46th street subway stations off the 7 train.

      there's no whole foods like place here.

      i get fresh produce from a korean grocer on greenpoint ave + 42nd st.

      there's many supermarkets in the area - foodtown, met, associated that have small sections of natural/organic food.

      superior market right on queens blvd and 40th st also has some organic/natural offerings. you can find items, just have to look around and know where to go.

      i also buy items at the butcher's block - may not be organic meat, but it's good/fresh.

      i go to another korean grocer on 43rd + 43rd to get korean food items.

      on the weekends, i will make trips to the super stop + shop on northern + 48th. or drive over to the trader joe's on metropolitan ave in middle village.

      the 2 fish stores i go to and i think the only 2 in the area: one is on QB + 45th st or so. another is called fish house on 42nd + greenpoint. they have your traditional fish and shellfish. i've had no problems with either of them, and both seemed fresh enough for me.

      yes, many restaurants in the area. i go to BCD, the new korean restaurant, De Mole, and Mediterraneo the most frequently. i don't mind Pete's Grill for diner food.

    2. About 6 months ago I left the Upper East Side for Queens. I looked in Sunnyside first but eventually ended up in Woodside, and I couldn't be happier. There's very little (culinarily speaking) that can't be found near here, so I'll recommend Woodside for your consideration as well.

      When I first moved out here I would drive to Whole Foods in Manhattan or Fairway in Red Hook. These trips have become much less frequent as I've adjusted to the bounty of Queens. For fresh produce I like Veggie Monster on 61st and Woodside. Their selection is limited, but the quality of what they do have is good. For fish I like the place on the SW corner of 63rd and Roosevelt, no idea what it's called. I don't buy a lot of meat in the neighborhood. Some people like Ottomanelli's, but it always seems to be closed by the time I get home. I was recently directed to the Trade Fair in Jackson Heights, and my first few experiences there have been very good.

      There are also many Chinese / Korean markets in the area. It's taken me some time to get over the culture shock, but these places are gold mines for veggies I'd never even heard of. Long Cheng at Roosevelt and 58th is a good, small, local shop; the New York and Hong Kong supermarkets are much larger and down the road in Elmhurst.

      And the restaurant scene is unparalleled, if you're into a diverse array of ethnic cuisines. I'm easy walking distance from Sripraphai, and probably get takeout from there at least 3 times a month. I was addicted to the lengua tacos from the Sabor Mexicano cart under the LIRR, until last week when E Eto's post turned me on to the Cuatro Vientos truck a few blocks further down. I won't go into great detail, since it's already been done:

      Good luck!

      64-13 39th Ave, Queens, NY 11377

      Veggie Monster
      39-86 61st St, Queens, NY 11377

      Los Cuatro Vientos
      Roosevelt Ave and 65th St, Queens, NY 11377

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        Jaingmaster: I walked by the Fish Place at Roosevelt & 63rd St on Tuesday and it no longer exists. Its in the early stages of renovations but don't know if it will be another fish market.

      2. The sunnyside CSA is great as well for produce.

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          and as a CSA member, you can also order tons of meat, bread, cheese, eggs, milk, honey, jam, granola, etc. as an add on, which is much easier than going to the store.