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Nov 25, 2009 06:45 AM

Olive Tree Mediterranean, Hilliard (Columbus), OH

This restaurant is a gem, the prices are reasonable, the service excellent, and the food is delicious. We started with a three appetizer combination. The hummus was fine, the baba ghanouj was even better, it had a slighty smoky flavor that only comes from those who really know how to prepare baba. The third app was a chilled tomato based dip called matbucha, which is Moroccan in origin, and the sweetness of the cooked tomatoes was perfectly balanced by the heat of the peppers and the pungency of the garlic.. These were served with fresh, warm flatbreads. I had an excellent lamb shish kebab, and the lamb was both tender and well-seasoned, served over a typical regional pilaf of rice and short noodles. The dish came with a choice of soup or salad, and I was served a substantial (not side) Greek salad. My brother had beef shwarma, very nicely seasoned slices of spit-roasted beef served with hummus and flatbreads. He also ordered a side dish of a hot but delicious green Yemeni condiment that only cost seventy five cents. The kebabs were served with two delicious condiments gratis. The Olive Tree is not only a real find for the Hilliard community, but IMO is the type of place to which it is worth travelling. Please go and enjoy.

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