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Nov 25, 2009 06:12 AM

Great Italian Tasting Menu (Babbo)?

Hi all -

My parents from Germany are here for the holidays and I wanted to take them to a nice Italian tasting menu with wine pairing. Going through some of the top places, it looks like Babbo would be what we're looking for.

Since we don't have a reservation I was wondering how hard would it be for 3 people to get one of the first-come-fist-serve tables this weekend (Friday or Sunday).

Also, should we consider a different restaurant altogether?


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  1. If you don't mind eating at 5:30pm, you could risk the first come first served tables at Babbo (where I LOVE the pasta tasting menu, by the way). As an alternative, you might consider a reservation at Alto. They have a very nice 4-course tasting menu with optional pairings.

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      Alto is a fine suggestion, but to be perfectly clear, the 4-course menu is not a "tasting menu". It is 4 full courses, appetizer, pasta, main course and dessert. Convivio and Marea offer 4 courses also, and like Alto they are not tasting menus.