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Nov 25, 2009 06:03 AM

Portuguese Restaurant in Carrolton -- Casa Portugal

This restaurant in Carrollton boasts as Texas' only 100% authentic Portuguese restaurant.

The owners are from the Azores, a Portuguese island in the atlantic. Their menu has all the Portuguese favorites such as Bacalhau, Francesinha, feijoda (not to be confused with the Brazillian variant), Caldo Verde, etc etc.

I took my Portuguese boyfriend and he did not like the food... He said that it is not quite what he had hoped for.

However my dish stood out: grilled portuguese sardines in an olive oil sauce and piri piri... The sardines were grilled perfectly until slightly crispy, had an excellent flavor, and the sauce was out of control. I had this dish along with Caldo Verde (which was good but I prefer my boyfriend's version) and fish pate.

For wine I suggest Vinho Verde.

This is a very new restaurant, only open a few months. The owners are taking a huge risk in opening it and I dont think the obscure location in a former waterburger is wise. The atmosphere is very informal and laid back, but I do not require a sauve atmosphere. The sardines are what I'm after. They have great portuguese fado music playing in the background which adds to the ambiance.

Portuguese food has its place in Dallas cuisine and I am very glad this restaurant is here, despite by boyfriend's reservations. By the way we returned a second time and he had the sardines and loved them.

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  1. thanks for tip, yz. hopefully the sardines are offered in the lunch buffet...will check it out this friday.

    1. Are they BYOB? Mateus, anyone?

      1. Your boyfriend did not like it because the Azores, while Portugese, are a separate island with their own variant of cuisine (think Hawaii or Puerto Rico: not quite "American" Cuisine).
        Catch a rerun of Anthony Bourdain's show on the Azores and see for yourself.

        Thanks for the findthough, hope to try it, Azores menus are very rare in this part of the world.

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            Back to those sardines (which are an off menu item). I prefer my sardines to be charred and a bit crispier than I have had at Casa Portugal, but they are still good. Sometimes they have the charred surface, sometimes they are slightly soggy. Especially with the sauce.

            1. re: YingZheng

              I know you said you were not interested in the Brazilan take, but I enjoyed bolinhos de bacalhau when in Brazil. Served as little balls, this is frequently found in bars when you order beer, almost tapas style. I am pretty sure its the same potato and cod dish served when I was in Amadora and Mafra.

              1. re: DallasDude

                Yeah Ive had those many times. We made them for x-mas actually. Lots of Brazilians in my stepfamily.