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Nov 25, 2009 05:49 AM

[London] Broth!

Pretty simple question: when you feel the onset of a cold, where do you go for broth? I would usually get chicken pho loaded with chilli, but I don't have the energy to cycle east. Likewise no one seems to have found any good ramen yet. Also is this a common instict? I was always nourished with chicken consomme or beef tea as soon as I showed signs of illness as a child, and this is what I crave now when I wake up feeling rubbish. Don't have any stock in the freezer so hit me up with your broth recs. Can be any kind of dish, any kind of cuisine, as long as it has a large brothy component!

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  1. I have the same issue. Whenever I feel tired or run down, I want chilli-laden broth/noodle soup of some sort, but find it hard to think where I can get it from if I don't have the requisite ingredients at home. I similarly don't often have the energy to go East for my fix, and Surrey Quays is just a bit too far away from Peckham for me. I've heard there are a clutch of places in Camberwell (I'm not sure if this actually helps you!) - maybe this is where I'll find my salvation.

    1. Utterly normal! I have even been known to drink packet chicken noodle soup in an attempt to remember what it was like to drink the same whilst having Mum pass the tissues...

      Where are you in London?

      1. It won't have the chilli kick, but you could always opt for a duck noodle or wanton noodle soup from a chinese restaurant - you could add your own chilli sauce or what ever to give it a kick.

        1. Hi, I guess this post might get moved, but here's a fall-back recipe. It can be made (1) with store-cupboard ingredients and (2) with little effort. Make up a litre of chicken stock with boiling water. Put in a pan with 125ml rice wine, 5 tbsp soy, 5cm cinnamon stick, 2 star anise, 4 tbsp sugar and, if you have them, a few cm fresh ginger and 2 garlic cloves. I use jarred pickled ginger if I don't have fresh. Simmer for 20 mins and strain. You can then cook your noodles / veg / chilli etc in as much as you need and keep any leftover in the fridge. IMHO M&S make the best chicken stock - it's liquid and comes in a jar, but be aware that their dilution suggestion is way too strong.

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            Alternatively buy a whole chicken and simmer for 45 mins to an hour with some aromatic vegetables and any of the above (ie. the rice wine, the soy, cinnamon, star anise, galric, ginger - I like to have loads of pepper when I'm ill). Pull out the chicken and pull off some meat to add to cooked noodles (or even some of those cheating straight to wok ones) and add stock.

            A more south asian variety could use rice instead of noodles. I mean a nice chickeny broth is very makeable at home and can be ad-libbed to your needs/desires. My mum used t make a very simple chicken broth with rice, masses of pepper, ginger and lemon juice. Maybe not to everyone's taste, but growing up with it, it really is like medicine (in a good way!)

          2. Thanks for the replies, all of which are interesting. On a related note, since the demise of china china, where is everyone's favorite chinatown spot for noodle soup? I like Noodle Bar on Cranbourne Street, but their broth is weak. Anywhere serve a broth with the kick of, say, the Silk Road xin jiang big plate chicken broth? This is my grail, shame it isn't open for lunch. Next time I'm gonna get Tim to hook me up with a pitcher to take away!