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Nov 24, 2009 11:56 PM

Macys Friends and Family 25% off Sale includes All Clad and LeCreuset

The sale starts Dec.2,2009 and you do not need a coupon or Macys card and yes you can presale. There were some pieces on sale today at the store and they were taking the 25% off that price. The discount is on everything in the store except cosmetics.

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  1. Yes, but there are two catches (at least how it was described to me in NYC's Herald Square):

    1) You have to make the purchase on a credit card (doesn't have to be a Macy's card), and

    2) You have to come back to the store after Dec. 1 to pick up your purchases. You can't walk out with it and still get the reduction.

    Unless you need the item in question badly for Thanksgiving dinner, it's still well worth it. Herald Square sold a good amount of LeCreuset this week as part of the sale... the boxes are stacking up in the holding area!