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Nov 24, 2009 07:19 PM


LE PETIT MARCHE has closed. Guests expecting tio dine there for Thanksgiving were informed by phone that the restaurant had been closed. I think by the Board of Health, No information about whether or when they will reopen.

The food has always been good there, the owners a bit annoying. It will be missed. We need an really good French restaurant in the Heights.

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  1. When did you receive the call?
    According to Brooklyn Heights Blog yesterday, they've passed inspection and will be open for Thanksgiving. We peeked in after dinner at Henry's End last night and noticed that they were open with a few people dining in.

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        We walked by on the way to HE and saw that the name had been removed from the front, and that the windows were all papered over.

        It's a shame. They had good French food and a pleasant space. Just not good with clients

        Le Petit Marche
        46 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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        1. re: Fleur

          The owner is reopening with the original chef (who I think was working for Mark at the corner Wine Bar when it opened) but it'll be an American "comfort food" menu, not French. Fried chicken, ribs, etc. It's funny, because my favorite entree at Le Petit Marche when they first opened was the burger.

          1. re: Steve R

            They will be re-opening as Bread and Butter, serving American comfort food.


            1. re: jdf

              I read that same article in the BHBlog. They are tyalking about a "child friendly" homey place that will specialize in comfort food including four kinds of Mac and Cheese.

              The original Chef at PM was quite good, but the screaming stroller set is not a good fit for the neighborhood.

              It's a shame they didn't take some time and analyze the needs of the neighborhood and what would be feasable in this economy for that kind of location.

              1. re: Fleur

                Agreed. It seems every time there is an opportunity to open something in Brooklyn Heights to truly fill a void, it is wasted. Happened to walk by last night and saw the menu in the window. Moast entrees seemed to be in the $20's. Not exactly comfort food prices.

                1. re: jdf

                  jdf- Surprised by the high prices you reported. Seems like prices like that are totally out of line with the concept and the intended clientele.

                  NOODLE PUDDING doesn't have such high prices, except for a few specials, nor does HENRY'S END, except for some rare wild Game dishes which make HE a destination restaurant drawing in people from all over.

                  1. re: Fleur

                    It was a quick glance at the menu. I do remember clam roll-$18, lobster roll $21 and most of the other entrees being in the low 20's. Some may have been in the high teen's, but don't remember for sure.

                    Definitely priced higher than NP and lower than some, but not most of the HE dishes, as you mentioned.

                    It was the same problem with Le Petit Marche. Just seemed to be priced a few dollars higher than it should, which is why we would usually wind up at HE or NP.

                    1. re: jdf

                      Brooklyn Heights Blog now has a follow-up post and a link to the menu:


                      1. re: jmh

                        Interesting...the prices are definitely a few dollars cheaper than what I believe was posted in the window prior to their opening. These seem more in line.

                        1. re: jdf

                          Wonder what makes them think this new concept will work? The reason I wonder is that almost everytime I ate at Le Petit, the place was crowded; seems like there might be a management issue rather than a food issue and it doesn't matter what they serve if the place is poorly managed. Also, with a family-friendly menu, they're not going to make as much profit on root beer as they would on bottles of wine. RIP. I really liked Le Petit Marche.

        2. The original comment has been removed