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Nov 24, 2009 06:38 PM

Grille at Rough Hollow

Went for a birthday dinner to Grille at Rough Hollow (even got to use a Groupon coupon).

Gorgeous view, complimentary valet parking, beautiful decor and a lively crowd. Glad we had reservations.

We had:
Blue Crab fritters-very tasty and enough to share; not greasy
fried pickles-not remarkable but a large portion.

Ginger Snapper-, twice baked potato and cherry poached mushrooms delicious, perfectly cooked. The mushrooms had a great tart flavor with the mushroons.

George banks scallops- again perfectly cooked and flavorful

Filet-tender and juicy; could cut it with a fork

Grouper-this was the worst meal at the table and we could have sent it back but didn't want to upset the birthday girl--fish was overcooked and rubbery and had no flavor, aspargus was limp and cool. It was almost as if this dish was a leftover or cooked well before the rest and not warmed properly.

Overall, the meal was delightful and I would go back for a special occasion. (BUT I'd avoid the Grouper)

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  1. i love groupon, but didn't get in on the rough hollow action because there wasn't enough information on how good/bad/meh it was.
    thanks for the review!

    1. The Grille At Rough Hollow has been a great addition to the Lakeway area restaurants! Their mussels are great and Wednesday is their oyster specials for happy hour. Food, service and view are great.