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Nov 24, 2009 06:20 PM

Josey's Grill & Bar Lakeway

Recently had the opportunity to try the new menu at Josey's Grill & Bar at the Lakeway Inn Spa & Resort.

This is a very upscale sports bar with 2 pool tables, tv screens and NTN trivia.

The menu and wine list are excellent and they have a full bar as well. They have some great HH deals including a $5 black angus burger! I would definitely go back for HH to take advantage of the deals.

The view is amazing. You can watch the sunset over Lake Travis reflect off of the lake and the cascading pools. Quite a relaxing and inspiring view.

I had the house salad and the Redfish on the halfshell with lemon infused olive oil. Fish was cooked perfectly but could have used a tad more seasoning for my taste (granted I'm a saltaholic).

Bf had the beef tenderloin with the mushrooms on the side. Steak was cooked perfectly and super tender. We both had baked potatoes that could have used a bit more time in the warmer, but the condiment plate that accompanied was great, tons of sour cream, chives, butter, bacon, etc.

We also had a great Syrah. The wine list was very good and this would be a great spot to take advantage of the gorgeous views of Lake Travis.

The servers were super friendly even though the place was pretty busy and there were only 3 of them. They were super attentive and accommodating.

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  1. what is that...a cheese-shaped cracker?

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    1. re: NirvRush

      It was actually a crisp piece of bread to serve as a crouton cut to look like cheese. So basically yes, but more like a crouton

    2. We eat there 5-6 times per year and I must say that you are very lucky to be able to report having had a good service experience. We have had some of the most epically bad experiences there that I would have refused to ever return had it not rated so high on the unintentional comedy scale.

      Just to recall a few:

      We had a waiter spill wine on us when he got his head tangled in cobwebs on the patio and shrieked like a little girl (during a $250 dinner for two that still stands as the single greatest waste of money in my life)

      Despite having only 3-4 beers on tap - one of which was clearly marked in huge black letters D-E-S-C-H-U-T-E-S - I had to have 3 different employees come to the table (incl. the freaking bar manager) in order to actually order one. I might as well have been speaking Chinese.

      At one point the place was only half full but TWO different waitresses had broken down in tears in plain sight of the dining room because they were so in the weeds.

      Anyway, you get the point. But the view, the summer concert series and the pool trump all so we will continue to go back.

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      1. re: cibodivino

        Yikes. Maybe that's why the re-did the menu and changed some of the management. Hopefully, your service will be much improved next time!