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Nov 24, 2009 06:17 PM

Almost done--help finalize Portland/Winery food itinerary, please!

Hello all! I've posted before about this, but now just wanted to get final opinions on my itinerary, including wineries to visit.

So, the list is:

Friday: Breakfast at the B&B, Japanese Gardens, drive to wine country for lunch time, visit 4 wineries (choices: Archery Summit, Elk Cove, Erath, Four Graces, Owen Roe--will be at Horse Radish on Friday, Willakenzie, Argyle, Domaine Serene, Domain Drouhin, Ken Wright... whew!)
Friday dinner: Ten-01 oysters for happy hour, Toro Bravo for dinner
Saturday Lunch: Karam... followed by cocktails? Park Kitchen, Beaker, or Tear Drop as options.
Saturday Dinner: Andina, followed by Tanuki
Sunday Lunch: The Ruby Dragon for lunch (veggie/vegan cart)
Possible late night entertainment on Fri: Doug Fir Lounge, also possibly doing cocktails Fri night instead of trying to fit it between lunch and dinner on Sat... which makes most sense?

Now my questions are: do you think I will have time (or the capacity... I love food, but as a skinny girl can only have so much!) on Saturday to do all of these things? In terms of proximity, do these make sense? I also want to see Powell books and am not sure where to insert it, as well as one when to insert one of the cocktail places... Sunday I guess I will try to visit the cheese shop and distillery, and/or Powell books before I go to the cart, which is on Mississippi at Skidmore.

Does this all seem doable/logical? I'm not sure if I'm running around everywhere, I don't want to waste too much time in transit. Will I have time to do it all, and which wineries (and food, aside from Dundee Bistro) would you recommend? Any changes or recs to be made?

Thanks guys! I will be happy to report back after my unfortunate return...

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  1. Clear Creek Distillery will be open Fri-Sat only.
    The top bars discussed before don't open until 4:30 or 5, so I'm not sure what you mean by cocktails ofter lunch.
    Other than wine country, all your points are very compact and easy to get to, so I don't see that much travel time involved.

    But were this I, it would all be too much.

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      Sounds like a stressful itinerary. Sort of like viewing the Louvre in an hour, : )
      Perhaps you could eat another meal in wine country, and tailor back on Portland a bit. Both Thistle and Jory are relatively new, and I've heard good things about them. Perhaps on Saturday evening you could skip an independent cocktail stop, and just have a drink and a snack at Andina, then move onto dinner at Tanuki. If your battery is still running after dinner you could always stop at one of the the aforementioned bars for a post- dinner night cap.
      As far as Friday is concerned, I don't know about anyone else, But I'm exhausted after a day of wine tasting. My rec would be to either have dinner down there (after a nap), or head back to Portland, shower, chill for a bit then have a late dinner. Toro Bravo will be busy on Friday night, but while u wait for your table you can have a cocktail at Secret Society upstairs. I would skip Ten01 completely. Save your oyster craving for Tanuki on Saturday. She serves them with fresh wasabi. Awesomely good. Ok, now IM exhausted just commenting on your post. lol

      1. re: Kim D

        Thanks everyone! I realize it is a lot, just needed help on where to cut it down, which is where the hounders come in. I agree, will skip ten 01 and cocktails in between. I wanted to try toro bravo, but if you all think the food at beaker and flask is just as good, perhaps I will kill 2 birds with one stone there, as Nettie proposed in my other post. Between beaker for dinner and drinks, or the bar at toro and then dinner, which would you all recommend?