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Nov 24, 2009 05:41 PM


I made Emril's roasted garlic red sauce that is to be served over noodles. Im making this for the whole family tomorrow and i dont know what to serve with it. chicken seems boring. if i did the chicken i would grill it. what im looking for is an alternative. BTW just made the sauce and it is out of this world!!! :D so far so good!

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  1. I think grilled chicken sounds great. Is there a link for the sauce?

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    1. Aidells Garlic and gruyere Chicken sausage. Or , if you have fresh italian sausage available, sweet(fennel seasoned) sausage, grilled.

      1. This sounds great, and I'm going to try it next week. What kind of hot sauce did you use? A pet peeve of mine is when recipes call for "hot sauce" without specifying what kind. Does he want Tabasco? Frank's? Sriracha? Cholula? We have a cabinet full of hot sauces, each of which contributes a very different taste to the recipe, and I'm never sure what's intended.

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          oh my gosh i forgot the hot sauce. hahaha well, it was still really good. i went with the chicken. marinated it in italian dressing, grilled it, then sliced it and added it to the sauce. i actually think it took away from the flavor of the sauce :( dinner was a success though