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Nov 24, 2009 04:02 PM

Please help me decipher this Epicurious recipe?

hello all

i saw this carrot, sage, shallot, and thyme recipe in epicurious for thanksgiving and it looks tasty and seems easy. i have 2 questions and i dont want to sound foolish, but here goes: in the picture on www, it looks like there are different "types" of carrots? it only calls for carrots, but there seems to be like 3 shades of carrot....? also, it says to slice the shallot thinly. i dont work with shallots often, but isnt it the size/shape of garlic? in the pic where i see different "shades" one of those isnt the shallot is it? it wouldnt be big enough, right? ( in the pic it looks to me julienne cut...) am i crazy?

thanks in advance & happy holidays!

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  1. 1. There are SO MANY different colors of carrots -- practically a rainbow, from pale yellow to deep purple. Obviously plain old orange carrots will work fine, but if you can find the multi-colored ones, so much the better!

    2. Shallots are roughly the shape of garlic but are much larger. They're really easy to chop or mince because they have flat-ish sides.

    That recipe sounds fantastic! Good luck!

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      They're using 3 shades of carrots. The shallots are also quite visible. One large shallot is near the bottom left corner and is pretzel shaped. Try to find it and maybe that will help you visualize the cut.

    2. That looks so *good*.

      We tend to see the different colored carrots come in, in my area during mid-winter (for whatever reason). They are so pretty together, and I like even to cut them in coins for a cheerful side dish. But I agree with Laura; you could certainly use just orange carrots and the recipe will still be tasty. If you're set on some of the color variation, and can't find the other colors of carrots, you could use parsnips and even potatoes with the recipe. Obviously, it won't be as colorful, but you will get some different tones in there. Otherwise, the orange carrots will work perfectly well with this recipe.