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Nov 24, 2009 04:02 PM

Where to buy Spanish ingredients in Toronto

In prep for a future trip to Spain, I'm hosting a Spanish themed dinner part. Any suggestions where to buy ingredients such as bomba or calasparra rice / spanish saffron / nora peppers / smoked spanish paprika etc. Thanks!

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    1. Pimenton on Mount Pleasant. Lola who runs the place is originally from Madrid and she knows her stuff. If it's legal to import to Canada and not insanely expensive, she will have the best example.

      1. The rice places in the basement of SLM, such as Rube's, have bomba and calasparra rice, pricey at almost $20/kg. I got smoked paprika at Bruno's (Pickering) and they had spanish saffron as well.
        I don't know Nora peppers, but there are similar hot cherry peppers in a jar at Costco, for $6.

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          You can also get the paprika at SLM. Scheffler's has it for sure (La Chinata), probably other shops as well. Domino carries the Spanish rice in bags - I don't know how their prices compare with Rube's.

          1. re: simplepieman

            I paid $16/kg (Bomba) in the basement of SLM two years ago (not Rube's, but they would have to be similar). I see it at $7.50/kg on eBay.

          2. re: jayt90

            Nora peppers are dried, not jarred, you are probably thinking of piquillo peppers which are a different thing. I'm not sure if Pimenton had nora peppers or not since we weren't looking for them, we had a big bag we brought back from Spain.

          3. Pasquale Brothers has everything on your list. They usually have great prices.