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Nov 24, 2009 03:47 PM

Lynn Crawford buys The Citizen

Ohh, Food Network stars. I don't like many food personalities, but I admittedly like Lynn Crawford.

I haven't made it to Citizen, think I still have a chance to?

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  1. I am more excited to hear that there is a possibility that BOTH Lynn Crawford and her prodigy, Lori Kirk ( former chef de cuisine of Truffles ) will be working the kitchen. I have always enjoyed Crawford's cooking, some of her dishes were truly memorable. However, I was also most impressed by some of Lori Kirks' dishes. The 'lobster three ways' for example, which was part of the tasting menu I had a while back at Truffles, were truly tasty and refined ( even better than the Michelin 2* SF Michael Mina's version! ). The 'clear' lobster bisque was so intense and flavourful!
    Now, if Truffle's talented sommelier Sarah D'Amato would join them, then these 'dynamic trio' could come up with a product that could propel it to the top of Toronto's dining scene!!
    Let us foodies all keep our fingers crossed!!

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      1. re: 2 cents

        Yup! Spelling mistake on my part. At least I got the 'Kirk' part right! Ha!

      2. re: Charles Yu

        you mean Sara D'Amato.......................................................................................

      3. The best news here is that Bowers will likely bring Lupper back to the Rosebud!

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        1. re: JPJ

          What's so special about Bowers and Lupper??

          1. re: Charles Yu

            I think very highly of the combination.

            I start by saying I am a brunch junkie and I go out for it almost every Sunday. As a result I have tried many, many places in Toronto. Bottom line it's not easy to find a place that consistently produces a great brunch.

            Many of the dishes that would make appearances were home runs. The truffled sweet potato hash, his six minute egg dish, his fish cakes and his pancetta hash were all personal favourites. He also made a killer spicy breakfast sandwich and a great burger in case you over indulged the night before. Heck, the weekly risotto was normally better then I get in many of the italian restaurants in Toronto. Further, I also liked the fact it opened at noon (who wants to get up early on Sunday to go eat). Additionally, the menu would change up usually every few weeks to take advantage of what was in season. Once he bought and opened the Citizen the lupper menu stopped changing, the food quality suffered somewhat and it eventually disappeared altogether (although the Citizen was doing a brunch, it was never as good either).

            Anyway, I am looking forward to the possible return to former glory.

            It an added bonus that Crawford's restaurant will likely be very good, that is if she focuses on it and is not just lending her name to it.

        2. I am just SO happy!!!!!!!!! (Insert rampant soccer cheer here). I'll be lining up for opening day.

          Interesting to hear that she teamed up with Sheri Stinson, the only real design talent on Resto Makeover.

          Welcome back Lynn! We missed you.

          1. I hope Crawford will be hands on and serious. When she did the Restaurant Makeover at Reliable F&C, she proposed adding dishes to the menu that would have sold for $20+ (hardly realistic for a chippy).

            This area, once a restaurant wasteland, is now drowning in restaurants, none of them consistent and few of them delivering satisfaction (at least to me) relative to their price points, even on a good day.

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            1. re: embee

              It's definitely true that there are a lot of new places on Queen but non that I have felt I need to revisit on a regular basis. Is it just that the owners figure that don't need to set the bar any higher?

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Do both of you find Table 17 to be inconsistent or unsatisfactory? I have not found them to be either, particularly relative to other restaurants on Queen E.

                1. re: drjolt

                  I haven't eaten there. The menu simply doesn't appeal relative to the prices. I tried the Citizen and found the food very good, but it wasn't worth what it cost. I did enjoy the Riverside when Signe Langford was chef there, but not after she left.

                  1. re: drjolt

                    I ate brunch there a couple of weeks ago and have to admit it is the best of the Leslieville brunch bunch, that I've experienced. I'm not typically a brunch eater, though, as I resent paying big bucks for eggs and bacon. Them eggs and bacon were pretty good, though. One of our party ordered the "Sloppy Giusseppe", basically an "Sloppy Joe" style dish, but with a bolognese sauce, served with fried eggs & polenta which was very yummy. Another ate the "Farmer's Breakfast" which had wedges of delicious pork rillette, cheese, a deep fried breaded hard-boiled egg (!!!), and other goodies, all of which were eagerly consumed. I had the daily scramble which was very nicely done, not overcooked... on the light side, with a hearty side of delicious double-smoked bacon. It was all good. And the place is rustic and pretty and clean, like a French farmhouse all dolled up.

                    1. re: drjolt

                      I feel pretty much the same as embee - the food at both places is good but not worth the price charged.

                2. So exited...If Lynn is involved it WILL be a hit for sure..

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                    1. re: jayt90

                      How can you leave a place that hasn't opened yet ;-)

                      1. re: embee

                        Just a play on words.
                        Haven't gone to Truffles when she was there, but I wasn't enamored with her suggestions at Makeover, before she went to New York. So Citizen is not on the agenda, unless it gets good reviews.