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Dry Brining -- Can I do just 36 hours (Tuesday night to Thanksgiving)?

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I have been reviewing a whole bunch of threads on dry-brining, and the suggestion is to dry brine for 3 days, with a 4th day for air drying in the refrigerator. Can I start the dry brine tonight on a fresh turkey and just paper towel dry Thanksgiving morning? I don't want to dry out the turkey. One thread suggested yes. Has anyone actually done this? It's my first fresh turkey, and I don't want to mess it up.


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  1. Americas test kitchen just ran a show about salting instead of brining . I believe that you can access it at no charge. If my memory serves me it was an over night deal. I think that salting for a long period of time actually draws moister out of the meat. It is a bit more complacated that actual brining. Good Luck!