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Nov 24, 2009 03:09 PM

King Torta, Cook's Tortas, and Gloria's Cocina Mexicana

OK. I feel embarassed. I've lived in East LA for most of my life, and I tried my first torta ever last month and my first molcajete last week. One of my teaching partners is from Mexico and is trying to broaden my knowledge of Mexican food beyond Babita, La Casita Mexicana, El Tepeyac, the Gardens of Taxco, and (my favorite) the now defunct Uncle Robby's. In the last month, I've tried these three restaurants that are now on my "MUST GO BACK" list.
At King Torta, I got the carne asada torta, the carnitas torta, and the super fries.
At Cook's Tortas, I got the delicious Mojito torta and the Bombaso torta.
At Gloria's, I got the regular molcajete!

Any suggestions as to what to order next at these places, or should I stick to what I have here?
PS: I'm allergic to avocado and shellfish.

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  1. I hear the chile relleno torta at King's is amazing but they only serve it M-F, that is why I have never had it.

    1. I love Cook's Torta, but I am by no means a torta expert. I actually really like the Milanesa-but my absolute favorite one is the bbq pork one they serve only on Sunday when they do BBQ. I know I know, bbq pork is not a traditional torta, but I don't think Cook's Torta is a traditional torta kind of place.

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        Kings is great just a little less than traditional, but a great sandwich, great sides and the corn cake dessert is wonderful!

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          I like Cook's, as well, but it is definitely fusion and "americanized" With that said they are fun and yummy.

        2. I get the carnitas burrito at King Torta.