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Nov 24, 2009 03:08 PM

Restaurant near the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

Looking for a nice, but inexpensive ($20 and under for entree) restaurant with great food. Near Broad and Locust Streets in Philadelphia, walking distance preferably. But will be willing to travel a little further away if it is worth it. Any type of food, looking for a fun experience with my younger sisters (ages 19 and 21). We will be going for dinner and then seeing Wicked. Please help!

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  1. Given the ages and price constraints, you might like El Vez, the Mexican spot over on 13th St which is not far at all. It's a fun place. You also might like Jones (comfort food is a Brady Brunch kind of atmosphere) but that is a little further at 7th & Chestnut.

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      Estia is across the street from the Academy of Music (on Locust) and has a $30 3 course pre-fixe theater menu. They have great grilled fish and octopus. I think the food is better than El Vez IMO but El Vez may be more appealing to your sisters because it's definitely more funky and more of a visual treat. Whatever you do resist the temptation to go to Ted's Montana Grill a few blocks south.

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        I've always enjoyed Ted's outside of Philly...sometimes while on the road for work I've found that a stiff, well made drink at their bar and a decent bison burger is heaven on earth. It might not be my first choice in Philly, but is there a specific issue with the Broad St. location?

        But I'd probably second the El Vez rec... I love their nachos and some of their other dishes, and it would probably appeal given the age group. There's also Raw for some really nice sushi.

    2. Upstairs at Varalli is close and not too pricey.

      1. Fado's irish Pub and Restaurant is right around the corner from the Academy of Music. You can get a very good meal for under $20.

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          Thanks everyone for the reply. A friend of mine suggested Fado. So it looks like we will either go there or El Vez. I can't resist good nachos!