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Nov 24, 2009 02:50 PM

Bodega on Baldwin - anyone been?

Going for a dinner - just wondering if anyone has been

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  1. BOdega is great - you'll have a wonderful time. They're very cool there.

    1. I've only been once, but found the food and the atmosphere pretty boring. Hasn't warranted a return trip.

      1. If you're over 40, you'll prolly like it.

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          1. re: Dimbulb

            No you won't!
            It's pretty safe all round.

          2. Bodega is a very cozy and old mansion resto. I have only been there for one brunch and it was absolutely delicious. Fluffy perfect blueberry pancakes, home made hollendaise with a fire roaring behind our table. The decor is not modern and some might consider it "old ladyish". I never got that impression though. Just a cozy warm and quiet atmosphere. My partner went there for dinner and had steak and also loved it. Their price fix looks great and it's on my list.

            1. if you like french cuisine, you'll enjoy it