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Nov 24, 2009 02:43 PM

Lunch on the southeast side of San Antonio

I'll be going to SA for business, near the W.W. White/Gembler Road area. I just don't know that part of town at all. What would you suggest for lunch? As always, I'm open to any cuisine, and little mom-and-pop places are preferred. Thanks.

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  1. This is my side of town and I eat at these joints...

    Radicke's Bluebonnet Grill.(210) 337-4007
    237 N WW White Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78219
    Jalepeno Chicken, Big Burgers, Enchiladas, South Texas Homestyle Food.

    Ma Harper's Creole Kitchen Inc.(210) 333-9783
    1830 S WW White Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78220 29.4004 -98.405
    Ma Happer is there to greet you...Red beans and rice, Gumbo, Fresh fried catfish...
    The restaurant is in a new strip mall, but the food is ol school good. Its fairly new, so not many people know of it...

    Big Lou's Pizza
    2048 S WW White Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78222-1120
    (210) 337-0707
    Some of the best Pizza in San Antonio

    Mr & Mrs G's Home Cooking
    2222 S WW White Rd, San Antonio, TX
    (210) 359-0002‎
    Miss G's some of the best Soul food in S.A.


    Between Mrs G's and Big lou is a Taqueria with some of the best breakfast tacos in San Antonio...The Bacon and Eggs is more Bacon than Egg...And the prices are almost giving the food away. I get three big flour tortilla tacos and a coke for under $4.50. Their Roasted Salsa is mmmmmmm. Not my favorite place to eat texmex, but its probalby the best closest to WW and Gembler. Good food...the prices are scary low. even for San Antonio.
    The're right off ww white on Rigsby...

    Taqueria Los Dos Laredos
    4703 Rigsby Ave, San Antonio, TX
    (210) 333-8172‎

    There is a New BBQ place on WW just south of Houston st. I'll get thier info...

    The Smoke House is off ww on Rigsby about 1/2 mile.
    Smoke House
    3306 Roland Rd, San Antonio, TX
    (210) 333-9548‎
    This was the old Bob's BBQ
    floor pit...Soul BBQ

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      1. re: SAguy

        Hey SAGuy, what do you think about Bayseas or Nacho's?

        I see the Bluebonnet Grill just got hit pretty hard by the health department...

        1. re: zorra


          I would not recogmen Bayseas...Its a fish market that cooks the fish there.
          I would not suggest Nacho's either.

          If you want to stay close to Gembler, the there Frijoles across the street from Radicks. Its a blue collar lunch place, but the food is Tex-Mex good.

          Have you ever eaten a Bill Miller's BBQ, A local BBQ place with about 20 stores in the area. The BBQ is good for lunch...the have good sides and clean place for lunch.Its just south of Hwy 90 just to the south of Gembler on WW White.

          Sanditas Mexican food is right across the street form Bill Millers...good tex-mex good breakfast and lunch.

          The Fanciest restaurant on that side of town is the Dual "El Tipico and the Beef and Bourbon steak house...on rigsby and WW White, both restaurants are in the same newly renovated building.

          I hope this helps

          1. re: SAguy

            We had BBQ from Bill Miller's occasionally back when I had relatives in SA. Thanks for all of your suggestions--they're very helpful.