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Nov 24, 2009 02:37 PM

Sushi recs (maybe Zo?) with pregnant-friendly choices

I'm looking for a place to go with my husband to celebrate an event coming up. I would consider him to be quite knowledgeable with sushi, and a bit on the picky side with quality. He is NOT into fusion sushi or rolls of any kind. Just the good, high-quality, simple stuff. His favorites include hamachi, toro, uni, amaebi, mirugai, engawa, etc.

The problem is, though, that I am expecting and cannot eat anything raw right now.

I know he's been wanting to try Zo for a while, so at first I was thinking of going there. But the more I read about Zo, I'm afraid that I will be a bit out of place (and maybe even offend the chef if i can't eat anything raw he puts out).

Any suggestions for a place with good, high-quality sushi that will have some cooked selections that I could eat? Would it be a complete waste to try Zo if I can't eat any of the raw selections?


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  1. Yes, it will be a waste to go to Sushi Zo if you can't have sushi. It is omakase only and that will rule out nearly everything.

    I like Kiriko for good quality sushi and a mix of well-executed cooked dishes.

    1. It sounds like you don't want an omakase-only sushi place. Give Sushi Gen a try. They have some grilled meat and fish options that might work. Your husband can still get good quality, raw fish if he so desires.

      1. mori, which ended up costing us more than zo, did offer some cooked dishes.

        do not go to zo until you can eat raw fish.

        1. Thank you for the honest feedback. I know what I'm asking for is difficult to match. Finding very high quality raw sushi in a place that does cooked dishes well is not easy. I will hold off on Zo for a few more months (when I can join my husband in the deliciousness).

          1. Izayoi has a first class sushi bar and an extensive cooked menu.