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Nov 24, 2009 02:02 PM

REAL Italian Sausage in Portland

I have an associate who is a Floridian transplant and former gourmet food store owner....and he's looking for authentic Italian sausages. I just moved back from Bend, so I'm not a good source. Any suggestions?

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  1. Has he tried the Fred Meyer brand of Italian sausage (mild & hot)? They may not be super authentic but I think they are tasty.

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      pdxgastro, FM brand sausage is an abomination. This person asks for advice on real Italian sausages available in a great food city and thats the best you can do, industrial by-product sewage? Send them to Sheridans or Pastaworks if nothing else. At least the money stays local and spent on a quality product. Fred Meyer? Really? Where am I? What site is this? Wha?
      Click on photo below for best Italian sausage in Portland.

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        As a Brooklyn, NY transplant who has lived here for over 8 years, I'd love to know where to go too. I haven't found what I like anywhere yet...even the Italian sausages at Chop and Laurelhurst Market don't taste right to me seasoning/spice-wise...and I do buy their other kinds of sausage, which are great...but their Italian sausages do not have the familiar flavor I grew up with.

        I have not checked into Phil's or Gartner's but I am thinking that time has come. If I go anytime soon, I'll dredge up this thread and let y'all know what I thought. Any other transplants out there who have found good Italian sausage?

        So, meatgarden, did you make those yourself?

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          JillO, I do make my own sausage. The pic is a recent batch of Italians. A word about Gartners. Most of their sausages are closer to what we think of as German style. They are generally made of emulsified meats and smoked. If you like that type I'd also try the Edelweiss, they have very good cured/smoked meats. Try Sheridans on MLK or go eat at Michaels on Sandy if you havn't yet. You may like those. Or better yet, buy a local hog and make your own.

          1. re: Meatgarden

   my apartment kitchen that doesn't have a Kitchen Aid or food processor, no thanks! ;o)

            Sheridan's is a good suggestion, thanks, I live fairly close to it and will check it out soon. I see what you mean about Gartner's, and I like Edelweiss, but not for Italian sausage.

            Oh, and btw, you got some nice lookin' sausages there, meatgarden!

          1. re: Meatgarden

            The photo looks nice. Would you care to share more than the photo (recipe) with someone who is asking where to buy/access the most authentic Sweet Italian Sausage in Slab Town, Orygone..

            After all isn't this what, "Chow" is all about...Sharing info and not just a photo.
            Or, is your presence here to do less than share information. Seriously!!!
            All Due Respect...


        2. If you ever get down to Corvallis, there is a meat market on the east side of town on Highway 34 that produces a good italian sausage. It comes both in bulk and link form. I'm no expert, but this product is significantly better than any other I've tried. I live in Ashland and always stop on my way back to replenish the freezer.
          I agree with the comments regarding the FM post. This site is only as good as the opinions posted.
          Emmons Meat Market
          29545 Highway 34, Corvallis

          1. The best Italian sausage in Portland is Carlito's sausage. You can purchase it at the Beaverton New Season's Market. It's in the frozen cooler to the right of the meat counter in back of the store. Not every New Seasons carries it, so call ahead to check the nearest one to your home. You can also order it fresh from Fred Carlo.(He's a great guy) He sells sausage sandwiches at the Portland Farmers Market located in the Portland State University campus on the weekends. Good Luck.

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            1. re: tdpl

              @TDPL, I am wondering if we are speaking of the same producer of Italian Sausage. I cut out a small label from a pack of:

              di Carlo's Salumeria "Totus Porcus" Italian Sausage... Dundee, Oregon

              I can tell you that label is about 10-12 years old, and when I have, to have, the best sausage that I can remember... I reach for that label, as those are truly a special.product in my opinion.

              So, Are Carlo's and Carlitos the same producer of original Italian Sausage. Now I have a new quest to chase down...Oh, Boy, I love these challenges!!!.

              1. re: caseypons

                Yes, it is the same. Over the years the name has changed a few times. I still buy it at the Beaverton New Seasons. If you buy it direct from Fred, he will sell it in bulk to you if you ask.

                1. re: tdpl

                  @TDPL...Thank You, Not only is this label for;

                  di Carlo's Salumeria "Totus Porcus" Italian Sausage... Dundee, Oregon

                  over 10-12 years old, It is also the last time I had the pleasure of tasting this great sausage. It's nice to know Carlito/Carlo is still somewhere in the building, as it were...

                  The quest continues...

            2. We've tried many of the Sheridan Fruit Co. sausages (they have 50+ flavors) and are were ok to pretty good.

              I must say their Hot Italian and Chorizo Verde were banging'. Both were excellent links . .

              (though their website sucks):


              1. Has anyone been to Geraldi's on SW Canyon? It looks like the type of place that could have good sausage. Italian-American, unpretentious.

                Mr Taster


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                  Yeah its nothing to write home about.

                  Sausage and peppers at shut up and eat on the other hand...