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Nov 24, 2009 01:32 PM

Where Did You Get Your Bird - San Diego

Saw this post on another board and thought I would steal it. Might be educational to learn where other hounds shopped for the most special food holiday.

Homegrown Meats, Free Range California Turkey $2.99 Lb.

Extra credit - Good Wine Deal
Wine - SD Wine Co. Tobin James Blend - $8.99 /NZ Sauv Blanc - $8.99/The Prisoner - $30

Happy Thanksgiving!

Someone told me of a guy in Lone Pine who sell hardwood roasted birds on the side of the road, could this be true?

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  1. FedEx'd it from Best deep-fried spicy turkey EVER!

    1. My parents are buying the turkey for tomorrow, but last week I bought a Turducken (just the small breast one) from Bristol Farms and the kids loved it.