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Nov 24, 2009 01:09 PM

Salon Passion Chocolat

I went to the chocolate exhibition at the Marché Bonsecours last weekend. It was much smaller than last year in terms of number of stalls and in people visiting.

I found it disappointing this year. What I enjoyed best chocolate-wise was the Callebaut/Cacao Berry display where you could taste callets from various countries, with various percentages of chocolate. My favourite was the 72% from Venezuela.

I tried a macaron at Fanny and Marius. All I could taste was sugar; same with one from a place that was called "Deep (something)". Same with Christophe Morel. I also tried an extremely sweet raspberry chocolate there. This year really seemed like worse sugar overload than last year, even though I tasted much less. I was looking for Esprithé, with fond memories of their stuff last year, but they were nowhere to be found.

I did try a crunchy chocolate that I liked - caramel, even though I don't normally go for caramel.

I bought some rasperry jellies and some candied clementines (tasted like the cumquats I love).

While walking around overloaded with sugar I came across a stall that was selling foie gras. It was a small Quebec producer, and he was not charging for samples, unlike most of the others. The small plastic spoon of foie gras that he gave me was heaven after the sugar overload. I could not help but think I prefer it to even chocolate. Fortunately my wife was with me to buy me a couple of cans as a Christmas gift. The guy also had creme de foie gras, to ease people into the taste, he said. I am a diehard fan, and found it too mild.

I think I'll skip it next year.

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  1. I went as well, but couldnt do as much sampling as I would have liked. But what I absolutely loved were the macarons from Point G. They were pricey, but delicious.

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    1. re: chefjeannine

      Point G is what I was thinking about when I said "Deep Something" (don't know how I got it screwed up). I did not like their macarons at all. I found them heavy and way too sweet.

      1. re: souschef

        Seconded. Although I find it to be kind of hit and miss. I've had good ones and bad ones from Point G. Sometimes they're bone try, too sugary and consequently have a boring powdery texture. A few times I've had nice ones. I like them to either be moist in the centre, or a little chewy. But dry and crumbly - nope.

        One thing they're good on is the fillings. I love their chocolate ganache. Their lemon filling reminds me of a tasty tarte au citron... Their peach cream is to die for. It's a shame they don't have a great macaroon as a good vessel...

    2. I went and was disappointed. I really liked the Callebaut stand as well but the other merchants were disappointing. Quite a few people didn't have any tastings and there weren't that many unique products. Given the 14 dollar entrance fee the number of merchants, the set up and the samples were disappointing (those that were free and those that they charged for).

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      1. re: PadmeSkywalker

        I looked at the list of merchants and I decided not to go because my favorite chocolatiers (Le Maitre Chocolatier and Les Chocolats de Chloé) were absent. I prefer spending 14 dollars on their products or a couple of Michel Cluizet bars.

        1. re: pinalafina

          I was at Le Maitre Chocolatier the next day, and they made me try a new truffle - half chocolate and half foie gras. I loved the texture (it was super smooth), but am still undecided on the taste - I want more foie gras in it.

          1. re: souschef

            It was my first year at the salon this year and i loved it. As a new-comer to montreal, it introduced me to several small businesses that i would like to buy from in the future :)

            @ sous chef: I made some truffles like that last year. a fois gras truffle dipped in chocolate then rolled in a croquant (just some ground home made hard caramel). It went really well with champagne and was extreemly easy to make. I got the recipe from Regal.

            you should try to make some yourself. i bet you will come up with a really awesome truffle.

            1. re: hala

              The foie gras truffle you made sounds very interesting. I should give it a try. It was a demi-sec Champagne, no doubt. I once tried foie gras with a brut Champagne and found that they did not go well at all. I bet a Sauternes would go well with the chocolate.

              You should visit the "salon des metiers d'art" currently being held at Place Bonaventure. They have a "Salon de saveurs" section with a lot of different foods. Try the canned foie gras at Les Canardises. There is also a stall that has "foie gras creme brulee" - foie gras with cream. It's a lighter taste, but I find it very expensive at $20 for 3 tiny jars.

              1. re: souschef

                yes, it was a demi-sec, and not an expensive one either, but it actually went very well together.

                thanks for the tip about the salon des metier d'art, i will check out till when they are open and try to go there. it sounds really interesting. I regret not buying the fois gras at the salon de chocolat but i didn't want to get that big can when i am the only person eating fois gras at home. I think next time i will just buy it and eat the leftovers for breakfast :)