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Nov 24, 2009 11:49 AM

Creamed Onions with Brandy and Smoked Applewood Bacon Recipe?

I've lost my recipe and have been commanded to bring on Thursday. I know it was from a magazine, pretty sure a cooking mag, but other than that... Keep typing ingredients into search engines with no luck. Any ideas?

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  1. sounds pretty good.

    whats the consistency?
    Looks like all the ingredients are in the title. perhaps some additional acid to cut it....

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    1. re: JMFLD

      Very thick... trying to remember what herbs/seasonings...

    2. Here's what I found with a little dig. Probably not the exact item but hopefully a little help -- you could probably sub Brandy for the wine. This rec. would have been in Bon Appetit.

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      1. re: LauraGrace

        Thanks - I found that & it sounds so much easier! But I have 2 big bags of boiling onions & this recipe calls from already creamed & frozen. Next time!

        1. re: torta basilica

          Well, drat. I hope someone can find the exact recipe!! :)

      2. Well, I made it up from vague memory & it turned out pretty darn delicious.

        Did the 'cut X's in the root end & soak in very hot water for an hour' method to peel the boiling onions. No such luck - there was no popping happening. They were easier to peel, but still a pain. So, forgive me on ingredient amounts, as I just went for it...

        Sliced 4 strips (could have used more) of applewood smoked thick bacon into matchsticks & sauteed in med/lg dutch oven until cooked. Left the fat in - there wasn't that much. Poured in about a 1/2 C or so of brandy & dumped in the onions (2 of those larger Melissa's bags). Stirred it all around for a bit, hoping the onions would soak up some bacon & brandy. Poured in enough heavy cream to cover onions & started simmering. At some point I added salt & pepper & a little ground mustard seed & fresh tarragon. Kept cooking & cooking (40 mins?) until it was demanded I put them on the table. Turned out still a little soupy, but delicious. Not sure how they would turn out if already par-boiled 30 mins to peel. These were pretty soft. If you go that route, I'd pick a smaller pot, so not as much cream required to cover & hope for the best.

        Only problem is I think over-indulgence in these was the cause of minor gastric distress the rest of the evening...

        1. Just saw this question the and recently saw the recipe by Emeril Lagassi on Find it under a search for "Creamed onions with crispy bacon"

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