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Nov 24, 2009 11:42 AM

EMP LUNCH: 2-course bargain or 5-course feast?

I was lured into a reservation this week by the $28 prix fixe, but after looking at the gourmand menu, with urchin, foie, scallop AND venison, I'm sorely tempted to spend all this year's christmas present money at one meal (if I go with the wine pairings... and wouldn't you have to?).

Lots of EMP reviews, but since the menu is seasonal, many of the current items are new. On the prix fixe I'm leaning toward the Linguini with King Crab or the Roast chicken with black truffles (for 2).

On the 5-course, it looks like a "greatest hits" album. Anyone have insight into portion size, how long it takes, and actual experience?

Since the reservation is at 2pm, and I have nothing to do until 8pm (Steady Rain tickets), time is not much of an issue, though budget could be.

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  1. My wife and I just went there for lunch and ordered the $28 2 course prix fix + $12 dessert because we prefer to choose and I don't like sea urchin. The Suckling Pig is a must; moist tender pulled port meat organized in a rectangle and topped with a crispy/crunchy skin. Fabulous! We also had the scallop which is on the Gourmand as well and it was one large scallop cooked to perfection. The King Crab Linguini was good but not nearly as good as the others. Dessert was serve by selecting from the dessert cart. It was OK.

    1. What's the dress like during lunch? Would I get strange looks if I showed up nice jeans, a sweater, and maybe even nice sneakers (nothing beat up or even running sneakers for that matter).

      I'd like to go for lunch, but I'm always running around the city during the day and not dressing comfortably isn't an option.

      Thanks in advance...

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        EMP isn't as dressy as any of the other 4-stars in the city, but jeans and sneakers is pushing it a bit, IMO. At least go for some rubber soled leather shoes, if comfort is a requirement. Black or very dark blue jeans would be passable. Just my two cents, since you asked opinions.