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Nov 24, 2009 11:33 AM

Neptune Oyster 1st timer

Stopped at Neptune Oyster for lunch today while walking a little of the Freedom Trail with visitors from Vancouver. The best part was the interesting folks eating next to us, a Soliciter (criminal lawyer) from London talking about their criminal system and his daughter, a PhD candidate at Harvard in Archaelogy: very nice people. I got the warm lobster roll with fries for $25. The fries were quite good, crispy and fresh. The lobster roll contained what appeared to be a whole lobster, no filler, and drizzled with warm butter. The lobster was a tad overcooked and a little chewy but still was good but with chicken lobsters hovering around $4-5 lb. certainly just as easy to steam your own or have supermarket do it, grill a hot dog roll and add melted butter.

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  1. While I do enjoy their lobster rolls and incredible oysters, what I really love is their dishes. Last time I ate there I had pan seared diver scallops with fresh figs and hazelnuts. Their Ciopino is out of this world. I once saw a woman next to me eating their burger which was topped with fried oysters. I cannot say enough great things about Neptune. It steals my heart.