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Nov 24, 2009 11:15 AM

Washington DC

Any nice kosher restaurants in downtown DC (client lunch/dinner appropriate)?


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  1. There is Eli's Steakhouse - - at one point a gathering of Washington's powerful

    1. The only kosher restaurant in DC is Eli's Deli in Dupont Circle, which for all intents and purposes is downtown. The ambiance is comparable to Mr. Broadway. I don't find the food to be particularly good.

      For upscale, and very good food, you have to go out to Pomegranate in Potomac. Unfortunately it's too far from downtown to take a client.

      1. We enjoyd eli's very much. thought the food and service were very good.

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          We enjoyed it, too, but calling it a "steakhouse" seems wishful thinking on their part. It's basically a deli. One of the two nights we were there on a recent trip to DC, there was a large group, probably about 20 people, from a local conference. It was quite loud as a result of this group, and while appropriate to the setting, I wouldn't recommend such a place for a meal with an important client because of such a possibility. Even the other night had lots of families, kids, etc.

        2. Don't really know the DC area at all, but am told that Pomegranate, in Potomac, is a wonderful place. Otherwise, Eli's is the only kosher place in town.

          1. There is also Harold and Barbara Berman Cafe DISTRICT CAFE @ THE JCC of Greater Washington.
            The owners are experienced restauranteurs from Eli’s Kosher Deli and Siena’s Pizzaria and will be serving a brand-new menu which will include meat, vegetarian and Israeli dishes. Here's the link for the menu:

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              This just opened last week, right? A replacement for the one that got caught treif-handed?