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Nov 24, 2009 10:24 AM

Best Wine Bar that also serves good food in Chicago?

Hi all! I will be visiting Chicago soon and I'm looking for the best up-scale Wine Bar that also serves great food. Any recommendation you may have will be helpful!


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  1. I wouldn't call it "great" food, but Bin 36 has some fine cheese flights, small plates, and other offerings of not-too-great ambition to go along with their excellent selections of wine by the glass:

    I haven't been there in quite a while, but you might also want to take a look at Cyrano's, also downtown:

    1. I like Volo on Roscoe in Roscoe Village, which is a bit north and west of what's generally thought of as the central tourist area.

      I also like Bin on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park. Bin is a sister to Bin 36. TWIW, I didn't care much for Bin 36 the last time I was there. It seemed to have downgraded the food selections somehow.

      Both have a decent selection of wines and some interesting dishes that go beyond cheese flights.

      1. I can't believe Avec hasn't been mentioned yet, hands down it would be my choice for best wine bar and it offers better food than many restaurants in the city.

        1. Those who know quality go to AVEC. Those who don't go to Bin. Food is off the charts for what you pay and the wine list is very eclectic. Very small and do not take reservations. Weekend prime spots be prepared to wait (hour plus). Go around the corner to Sepia and have a drink. They also serve very late

          2nd choice- Bluebird on Milwaukee
          Bin in Wicker Park is OK. Notice the tepid recomendation from jbw

          1. As your asking for a wine bar, I would say Webster Wine bar. I think they have a great selection of wine and the food is pretty good. Hey, if a place has Lopez de Heredia on the list, its got to be good.