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Paula Deen Hit In Face with Flying Ham

I'm in the Atlanta-metro so I caught this on the news last night. Bless her heart....


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    1. To me she's very irritating, but this too will pass.

        1. I watched it on our news and the funny thing..besides the obvious, is that her husband had no reaction whatsoever.

          1. I'm quite fond of her based upon the few times I've watched her in action.

            I heard a sound-bite from her on WINS radio in New York City yesterday and she sounded pretty calm, collected and witty for someone who'd just been "hit head on with a hog."

            1. I hope she's all right and appreciate very much that she's taking action to help the hungry.

              1. In the words of dear old Monty Burns... Eeeeexcellent. I noticed they were the lovely Smithfield's.

                1. I love her, and feel very sorry that happened. I don't know the details of the incident, but am pretty sure after the pain is gone, she will come up with a joke or two about everything. I am may not prepare her recipes, or buy her books, and not even watch much of her shows, I just think she is very nice.

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                    and eat a large stick of fried butter.