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Nov 24, 2009 09:46 AM

ECI no-name product question

I was browsing in Marshalls and stumbled across an ECI round dutch oven about 8" x 4". The lid, however, was flat and could be used as a grill pan. The pot and lid had "made in france" on it, embossed into the enamel as LC is, and the bottom of the pot had a "24" on it as well. However, I couldn't find a manufacturer's mark. The pot itself was a light interior, but the inside of the lid was a black grill.

Has anyone seen anything like this anywhere?

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    1. re: E_M

      I saw a similarly branded item today at Home Goods. It was an oval French Oven, approx. 7 quarts. The store had several and the only markings were MADE IN FRANCE embossed on the underside of the lid. Curiously, on some the writing was backwards. Maybe this was why they were marked as seconds. They differed from Le Creuset brand in that the knob appeared to be integral to the lid and was also enameled in the same color as the rest of the lid.