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Nov 24, 2009 09:20 AM

Half-sour pickles?

Does anyone know where I can find half-sour pickles in Austin? They are a Thanksgiving tradition for my New York-based family!

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  1. Central Market (the one on N. Lamar) used to sell Ba-Tampte half sours but they redid their deli area and I think maybe they stopped. Maybe give them a call.

    1. Saw these at the Sprouts market, brodie location in the deli section as recently as 2 weeks ago. They had several different brands, so would wager they're still there.

      1. Sasha's Gourmet Russian Market has some delicious refrigerated pickles that are as close to NY half-sours as you are likely to find. It's off Anderson Lane. Lots of other fun stuff there too like pierogis, stuffed cabbage, smoked fish.