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Nov 24, 2009 08:56 AM

Piola's in Rosslyn/Arlington: Best Pizza in DC Area

Ok, let the missle launching begin. After trying out the pizza at 2 Amy's, Pizzaria Paradiso, Matchbox, Ella's, Mamma Luccia's, and The Italian Store, I have to say that Piola's is consistently better than any of them. I can't speak for any of the other food they serve, only the pizza. I've now eaten at Piola's about a dozen times and had various toppings on the pie's and each time they were done near perfectly. Just the right amount of cheese, sauce, toppings, and char on the crust. Each element didnt overwhelm the other. They also have good lunch specials which include a pizza, soup or salad and bread for around $11.

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  1. The salad with white beans and tuna at Piola is really fine. Penne with smoked salmon is also a winner. As for the pizza, I've only tried the red, not the white. I actively disliked the red sauce. Tasted like plain crushed tomatoes, and there was too much of it. I don't remember the crust. I've been there several times, but never ordered the pizza again.

    1. I thought I was alone in thinking Piola was the best pizza in the DC area, but now I have company! I grew up in Brooklyn so I am very finicky about pizza. Thanks to Piola, I don't feel I have to devour pizza everytime I go to NY. I love the mozzarella--reminds me of the cheese I had at home. I usually get the kalamata olives and arugula (with arugula baked with the pizza). Crust is good too. I like Vapiano 2nd best for pizza.

      I would go there more often but my husband tires of the place. Sigh.

      1. I will have to give it a second try... when i dislike a pizza i just dont go again, it happened with Paradiso and it made me stay away for near 2 years, a friend insisted and i tried again and had a better experience with the pizza.

        On Piola it was very bready, a little dry, toppings were deli though, but the crust is so important for me, plus the sauce was a little to acid for me, but again i will try it again, now that i will be moving to Courthouse area I have no excuse of not giving it another try =)

        On the other hand i must admit, I adore 2 Amys, that place I love (except for the over family friendly style), now when I feel like having greasy pizza Italian Store has done the job for now... I have to try the place they mentioned so much on the boards, Anthony's i believe.

        Anyways I am glad you have given me an excuse to try this place again =)


        1. I used to work across the street. I was totally addicted to their carbonara and Copenhagen (smoked salmon, brie, parsley and mozzarella) pizzas.

          Their happy hour was awesome. Peroni and Caipirinha specials with free appetizers at the bar. Good times.