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Dinner in Santa Monica tonight! HELP!

Going to Circ de Soliel tonight and need some suggestions on where to eat. There are 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 young adults (17-21). Not to pricey but good. Any and all suggestions are welcome, I don't know the area well so need some help.

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  1. Not sure what your definition of "pricey" might be, but we really like the Huckleberry Cafe.
    They are located @ 10th & Wilshire, about 5 minutes from the parking area for Cirque.
    If you go, don't miss the salted caramel for dessert...outstanding!

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      Looks good but we want more of a dinner place. Maybe a total of $40 pp with tax. I was looking at maybe Chez Jay? Anyone been there lately.

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        Will you have your tickets with you when you dine ?

        La Cachette Bistro - Has 15% off with proof of ticket - If your reasonable in ordering, then your budget could be Averaged ==> $25 per entree, $11 soup or salad = $36 - 15% +Tax & Tip = $39.72 p/p. If you meant the $40 didn't include Tip, then you could obviously expand you ordering....


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          Never been to Chez Jay, but it's very close to Cirque & parking.
          For excellent seafood, we like BP Oysterette.

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            Just a warning, BP does not take reservations.

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            I really like Chez Jay. It's a great throwback to old LA. Just be forewarned that it's quite divey and that the food is not exactly cheap. See the pricing below:

            the Musha rec is an excellent one and is definitely within your pricepoint.

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                  i had some nostalgia for this place and suggested it to friend's recently . . . .and made the mistake of eating there instead of just getting cocktails. ugh! expensive and their "steak" is awful. there was dried garlic/onion on the top (mmmm crunchy). the potatoes were a gloppy tasteless mess and the mixed veggies were straight from the old folks home.

                  divey fun place - but just stick to cocktails!!!

            1. If you like Japanese, Musha on Wilshire and 5th is a good option. They are a Japanese small plates menu with both cooked dishes (including a tasty fried chicken) as well as sashimi and spicy tuna kind of dishes. Reasonably priced. They take reservations.

              424 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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                what time is the show? musha doesn't open until 6pm.

              2. Went to Wilshire a few weeks back--they have a prix fixe dinner for only $39 (IIRC), where you choose an appetizer, entree & dessert from their regular menu. A fabulous deal iMO.

                1. I think Fritto Misto is a solid choice - not too pricey and you don't have to worry about the young adults not being too adventurous with pasta dishes. Chez Jay is good - my last trip there I had a tough steak, but the clam chowder is always good and the beef medallions in mushroom sauce have always been great.

                  1. someone posted this link earlier: http://www.santamonica.com/cirqueoffers/

                    Lots of nearby restaurants are offering discounts on the day you see Cirque by just showing your tickets.

                    1. Decided on Chez Jay. Menu looks like is within our budget since the entrees include everything. Also I was there years ago and loved the divey aspect of it :) Plus our young adults are not actually foodies, and this menu looks like it will have something for everyone. Thank you all!

                      1. The Yard is a great place to go that isn't very expensive but has great quality food. The new chef is from Top Chef and the proximity will put you close by the show - within walking distance for sure! La Cachette Bistro is another great choice with more French-inspired food, but really really good food! And then there is also Barney's Beanery, which has a huge choice of food, is on 3rd Street Promenade and also walking distance from the show.

                        1. Joe's Pizza of Bleecker Street, near the corner of Broadway and Ocean.