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Nov 24, 2009 07:13 AM

Trattoria Filippetto in Creazzo (near Verona): Has anyone been?

This is an intriguing restaurant that several good friends were taken to by food obsessed Vicenzans who have spent years searching for obscure treasures unknown by even the Italian press. This is a mother and daughter's private home with about 20 to 25 seats in several rooms including a table in the kitchen. They go to the market everyday and cook what they find. There is no menu, no choice. You are served what they want to serve you. Additionally, they source from neighboring farms. Perhaps what is most intriguing is the friends who told me about this have eaten at all of the three Michelin stars in Italy and many of the one and two. They are very sophisticated. They insist that in its own way Filippetto is easily as good as any other.

Now the negative: the mother and daughter are very eccentric, do not speak English and will only accept a reservation if the caller speaks Italian. There is absolutely nothing on the internet although if you google Trattoria Filippetto Creazzo you will pull up its address and telephone number.

Has anyone been? We will go next spring.

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