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Nov 24, 2009 06:03 AM

powdered ginger in cornbread stuffing?

I came across a new recipe for cornbread stuffing (with pecans, apples and cranberries)
that calls for two teaspoons of ginger. I am a bit reluctant to try it because I can't imagine
the taste combination. Has anyone ever tried this? Does ginger compliment cornbread stuffing?

thanks and happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Normally I would use poultry seasoning or sage + other savory herbs. Cornbread stuffing has become so common now, perhaps this addition is an attempt to make it more interesting. Ginger would not have been normally used with cornbread stuffing, if my lifetime experience of eating and making it is worth anything. For a traditional taste I recommend onion, sage, any herbs you like, and plenty of broth and pepper. Any other additions--I learned to use brown rice, apple, celery--are done to your taste and desire. I never added eggs or butter, but many cooks do like a butter flavor in their stuffing. Eggs I don't recommend. But believe me, there is room for expression when making stuffing! I'm not enthusiastic about ginger though.

    1. A little ginger goes a very long way. I don't know if this recipe has any sugar in it, but if it doesn't and you've got ginger and cranberries in it it seems to me it would be really tart, which isn't a good stuffing flavor. A sweet stuffing could be disconcerting as well. If there's anything I've learned over the years it's that the holidays are not the time to be whipping out new recipes unless you're the only one eating them. :D

      1. Ok, I'm just going to throw out a NO here. I would definitely not put two (!!!) teaspoons (!!!) of powdered ginger into cornbread stuffing, ever. In fact, I would leave it out altogether.

        I had a delicious stuffing for a pre-T-day feast last week that included both apples and cranberries, and was primarily seasoned with fresh rosemary. It was DIVINE.

        Good luck, and happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)

        1. when i read the question, i grimaced and thought it sounded like a really bad idea. though for a bread and fruit type dressing ginger might work. and i'd could be happy to try a cranberry sauce with fresh grated ginger.

          a quick way to check the cornbread idea might be to make a small batch of corn muffins with ginger and see if has anything to recommend it.

          1. I think people are hesitant to try things they've never tried but ginger does go well with cranberries and apples...It also goes well in savory bread puddings. it would probably go well with the entire combination of ingredients in your recipe. Ginger is not an ingredient that only has to go with sweet things. Look at ethnic dishes; many use ginger in a lot of preparations and not just sweet dishes.

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              Thinking just of the cornbread part, I'd say no. But if those fruits are a strong part of the flavor, then ginger would work.

              I just made a cranberry-pineapple sauce, which included an inch knob of minced fresh ginger. Ginger works well in a sweet-tart setting.